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Volunteer today to support racing help others.

The Do-it trust volunteer website has been designed to provide racing with a volunteer database for organisations seeking volunteers and for individuals who are seeking volunteer roles within the racing industry.

Charities and organisations can post volunteer opportunities for the wider public to access. An individual seeking volunteer roles can sign up to the website and search specific criteria regards volunteering in the racing industry including; geographic location, area of the sport that most interests them, date of the volunteer role.

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What is Racing Together?

Racing Together is British racing’s community engagement activity and is a partnership of charities and other organisations who work across the sport to benefit others

What is Racing Together’s purpose?

Racing Together was formed to coordinate, support, represent and measure British racing’s community engagement activity that takes place right across the industry

Through a dynamic website we pull together and highlight all of the work the sport is able to facilitate and support with for the benefit of local communities.

Racing Together’s vision is for British racing to be known as a ‘force for good’ by helping the communities in which the sport operates.

What does it actually do?

Racing Together offers practical support and communicates the varied work that takes place across our sport.

Using various platforms, Racing Together highlights and celebrates all that is good in British Racing, recently expanding its work into Scotland, working with all five courses to instigate and accelerate activity and partnerships, such as the collaboration with Alzheimer Scotland and the youth initiative Take The Reins.

Racing Together Masterclass – providing all racecourses with a training day on community engagement with expert speakers providing advice, support and ideas on racings community engagement.

Racing Together Community Day – coordinating a day of national volunteering with various racecourses giving back to their local communities in some way, engaging with local charities and initiatives.

From educational days for young people; careers-focused opportunities and pathways to training; volunteering schemes and many other charitable initiatives, Racing Together represents what British racing is giving back to the communities in which it operates.

Racing Together continues to build and develop a number of national partnerships, including Active Communities Network, Flying Futures, Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.

Racing Together provides to charities and other organisations access to a volunteering database for them to match volunteers to opportunities to support their work.

Racing Together will be providing to charities and other organisations access to a volunteering database for them to match volunteers to opportunities to support their work.

What is the relationship between
Racing to School and Racing Together?

Racing to School is the charity that works with British racing to provide free educational and careers-based programmes. Racing to School is leading Racing Together, incorporating its objectives within the charity’s strategy.

What are the benefits of being part
of Racing Together?

To be recognised as a contributor to British racing’s community engagement work

To utilise shared resources to help achieve more for racing’s many and varied beneficiaries

Wider recognition for community engagement activities, which can be promoted through Racing Together’s dedicated website and social media platforms and within Government.

Access to a volunteering database where volunteers, and organisations seeking volunteers, can be matched successfully.

Opportunities to work with Racing Together’s national partners, within and outside the sport.