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The Do-it trust volunteer website has been designed to provide racing with a volunteer database for organisations seeking volunteers and for individuals who are seeking volunteer roles within the racing industry.

Charities and organisations can post volunteer opportunities for the wider public to access. An individual seeking volunteer roles can sign up to the website and search specific criteria regards volunteering in the racing industry including; geographic location, area of the sport that most interests them, date of the volunteer role.

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29 March 2019

Betfair Racing Staff Week in conjunction with Racing Welfare

Racing Staff Week once again aims to bring the racing industry together to inform and engage horseracing followers and supporters about the passion, skill and dedication required to work in racing, and also to increase awareness about the support and services that Racing Welfare provides to all of racing’s workforce. This year’s Racing Staff Week builds on the success of the first two years and will deliver another week of activities that will celebrate the role of racing staff and put them in the spotlight.

Visit the website here.

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