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The Do-it trust volunteer website has been designed to provide racing with a volunteer database for organisations seeking volunteers and for individuals who are seeking volunteer roles within the racing industry.

Charities and organisations can post volunteer opportunities for the wider public to access. An individual seeking volunteer roles can sign up to the website and search specific criteria regards volunteering in the racing industry including; geographic location, area of the sport that most interests them, date of the volunteer role.

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08 November 2019

Racing Home

A symposium exploring the challenge working mothers face in the horseracing industry

Racing Home provides a forum for discussion that will offer a more comprehensive understanding of the decisions working women make with a panel of experienced keynote speakers sharing invaluable insights into:

  • Being a working mother – practicalities and the feelings of guilt
  • Maternity Leave – having children and returning to work
  • Work-life balance – the juggling when children are involved
  • Working practices – good and archaic
  • Managing perception – bosses and colleagues
  • Isolation –┬áloneliness and the fear of speaking out

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