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04 June 2019

Health in Men Group enjoy golfing days out at Aintree

The Aintree Community Programme hosted a brilliant day at the Aintree Golf Centre in May supporting a Health in Men Group from the Breckfield and North Everton Neighbourhood Council (BNENC) to enjoy a day on the driving range. It was an opportunity for them to get together, build friendships, socially interact as a group and have the opportunity to learn and play golf on the driving range.

The Breckfield & North Everton Neighbourhood Council (BNENC) is a Community-based Voluntary Organisation that provides practical help, advice and training to some of the 15,000 residents in one of the most deprived areas in the country. The BNENC is the umbrella organisation for the whole community and is affiliated to 35 voluntary and community group, which consist of:

  • Tenant & Resident Groups
  • Child & Youth providers
  • Churches & Schools
  • Anti-poverty & Welfare Rights Groups
  • Victim Support & Parent Support Projects
  • Crime Prevention groups.

As well as supporting 35 local groups and organisations, they are currently delivering programmes across all age groups, including parental support programmes; youth inclusion; health and fitness; life choices guidance and school programmes; allotment projects and anti-poverty initiatives, to name just a few.

Mark Haig from the Aintree Community Programme said: “Bringing the BNENC Health in Men group to the Aintree Golf Centre is a great way to combine some physical activity with an opportunity to socialise and reduce loneliness and isolation. It builds bonds and friendship as the group enjoy laughs and banter on the day but also talk through issues that may be of concern to them. Being part of the Aintree Community Programme gives them a purpose and holding sessions at a world class racecourse gives the initiative a special status.”

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