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05 June 2019

The Racehorse Sanctuary launch Enhanced Fostering Scheme to support thoroughbreds

The Racehorse Sanctuary charity has introduced a new Enhanced Fostering Scheme and is looking to the equestrian community for help from those with suitable facilities to support their work. Experienced equestrians are sought who are willing and able to start and even complete rehabilitation, before the charity’s team seek out forever homes.

The aims and objectives of the Surrey-based Racehorse Sanctuary are the rescue, rehabilitation, retraining and rehoming of thoroughbred horses, particularly ex-racehorses, on a lifetime basis. Providing long-term care for animals that are not suitable for rehoming; raising awareness of the career opportunities available to ex-racehorses; and providing advice to owners on the care of ex-racehorses.

Founded in March 2006 by Graham Oldfield and Sue Collins, the Racehorse Sanctuary started with a nucleus of horses, including the late much-loved Moorcroft Boy, to implement welfare policies widely recognised as setting the highest industry standards.

The charity has successfully found new careers and new homes for close to 100 of its horses, now dispersed all over the country. David Ray, of The Racehorse Sanctuary said:

“We have had to innovate. How else could we punch above our weight in today’s challenging environment? For a number of years now, co-founders Graham and Sue have used their networks to enhance the throughput of horses towards new homes for life, by fostering out horses that have completed their rehabilitation at the Sanctuary.

“As we focus on the more challenging cases, rehabilitation takes time. We are also very particular about matching horses to their new homes and keepers, to ensure they will bond for life; this also takes time. Fostering with experienced equestrians is a great help. It is also very cost-effective for us, as fosterers do not charge for the opportunity. There is a risk for fosterers of course, in that they fall in love with their charge and apply to keep them for ever! Definitely a risk here for Sarah, seen here with her charge Blossom on the edge of the North York Moors.”

More information on the Scheme is available by contacting Graham on 07710 904189.

The Racehorse Sanctuary are also currently running a paddock fencing appeal – visit their website here to find out more about their work or to donate.

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