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30 June 2021

84 people offered vaccine through mobile unit at IJF’s Oaksey House

A ‘health on the move’ bus offering vaccinations was stationed at Oaksey House in Lambourn on Tuesday June 29th, offering first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to members of the local community aged 18 and over.

The service will be returning to Lambourn on September 8th to offer second doses to anyone vaccinated during this first tranche of the local rollout.  Local trainers were asked to ensure that any of their staff yet to be vaccinated took advantage of the service initiated by West Berkshire Council, Public Health and Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group and coordinated for the racing community by the charity Racing Welfare.

Clare Hazell, Manager of Oaksey House said: “We were delighted to welcome and accommodate the mobile vaccination bus.  It was an opportunity to work closely with Racing Welfare and the kind local volunteers to deliver such an important and successful day of vaccinations.”

Racing Welfare Regional Welfare Manager, Brian Watson added: “The local Racing Welfare team welcomed the opportunity to work with partners in Berkshire to bring the Health on the Move bus to Lambourn. We were really pleased to see so many people, both in the racing and wider community, take up the vaccine this week, and look forward to welcoming the service back again on September 8th to administer second doses.”

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