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08 July 2021

Academy pupils feature on Nick Luck podcast

Broadcaster Nick Luck was joined in his daily podcast yesterday by two Newmarket Academy pupils to talk about the Newmarket Godolphin Beacon Project run by Racing to School. 

Nick spoke to Year 10 pupils Kate Nicholls and Violet Milnes about the Beacon, which includes all the pupils at the school aged 11 to 16. It aims include teaching the students about the racing industry and the many and varied career opportunities available to them, as well as supporting their curriculum studies. 

Nick Luck asked them about what this project does for them that other students in other schools might not get. 

In reply, Kate said: “It does loads, it definitely broadens your horizons.”

“Since the NAGBP project I’m definitely looking at careers in racing.”

Nick added: “Can you give me a few of the examples of some of the projects that have come your way that might not otherwise have done?”

Violet answered: “In year 8 we did the Dubai Future Champions Week, which was very eye opening. I don’t think many of our year knew how much the horseracing industry took over Newmarket, which is a big part of Newmarket.

“We’ve also had the maths education day at the Racecourse in year 7.”

Nick went on to ask: “How much more stimulating and inspiring is it for you to take learning outside the classroom?”

Kate replied: “It’s so important, getting out of the classroom I think you learn more.”

More information on the Newmarket Godolphin Beacon Project can be found here. To listen to the full podcast visit Nick Luck Daily Podcast, the students from the Academy can be heard from 21 minutes 50 seconds.

Watch the Dubai Future Champions Education Week round-up video here:

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