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05 March 2021

Arvin Chadee is a proud graduate of the National Horseracing College and is still learning his trade as part of the global Godolphin Flying Start Programme. Stints with some top trainers and support from the Careers in Racing team has put him on a path he wholeheartedly recommends to others.

“Galileo, a brilliant winner of the Derby”. Those words still ring in my ears as my earliest racing memory; brilliant he was.

From a young age, my dad used to take me to Epsom Downs for the Derby. Admittedly, early on I was more interested in the funfair then the racing. However, those early race day experiences were to be the foundation for the journey I find myself on.

Growing up in North London, a world apart from training centres like Newmarket and Middleham, I never had the opportunity to be around or even touch a horse. When I was 21 I found myself at a crossroads as to what I wanted to achieve personally and professionally. It was then I realised the only thing I was passionate about and had a sustained interest in was the sport of horseracing.

Pushing on an open door

As with all great ideas, I started by Googling ‘how to get into horseracing’? Fortunately for me, I came across the Careers in Racing website. As a complete novice, the information I gathered from the website proved invaluable. It provided great insight into the industry, the opportunities available and, most important for me, how to get started. It was evident from the website that someone with my background and lack of experience would be best suited to attending one of the two horseracing training providers. The Northern Racing College (now known as the National Horseracing College) was the logical, albeit tentative next step. A visit to one of the NRC’s open days allowed me to experience my first day in a stable and all the hard work required. This only spurred me on to secure a place in the 12-week foundation course.

An excellent grounding

I am very grateful for the first-class education and overall experience I received at the Northern Racing College. I cannot say enough about the instructors, staff and, of course, the horses that helped me achieve a lifelong ambition of learning to ride racehorses, as well as providing me with the platform and confidence to enter the racing industry. It was tough at times, with plenty of falls and the occasional runaway horse, but I always felt I had the support of the instructors and my fellow peers, some of whom are now longstanding friends.

After my course, I was fortunate to work for great people in trainers, Karl Burke, Michael Appleby and Dean Ivory. I was also given a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Industry, People and Development department at the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). Currently, I am a trainee on the Godolphin Flying Start programme. I am one of 12 very lucky scholarship recipients who get to travel to Ireland, England, the USA, Australia and Dubai learning about the global thoroughbred industry.

Brace yourself for the journey

My future aspirations are to be an integral part of the thoroughbred industry’s continued success. It’s a sport that has given me so much personally and professionally and my long-term ambition is to give back to the sport. In support of the incredible job Racing Together does in promoting the positives about the industry, I feel we as the thoroughbred community should be the catalyst for positive change during a time when our sport faces numerous challenges. 

If you are considering whether a career in the thoroughbred industry is the right choice for you, I would tell you to brace yourself. You are about to embark on the greatest journey imaginable – a journey that can take you anywhere in the world, a journey full of inspiring people and that allows you to work alongside the brilliant thoroughbred. 

My advice is to go for it.  

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