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06 December 2018

Ebony Horse Club introduce Oli Bell as new Patron

At the Ebony Horse Club’s Christmas event last night in Brixton, Oli Bell spoke of his pride in representing and supporting Ebony Horse Club, whose strap-line reads ‘Changing Lives in the Heart of Brixton’.

Eight riders demonstrated calm and competent skills with the club’s horses in front of the audience of supporters and funding providers. The team believe ‘that riding and horse care can have a transformative effect on young people growing up in South London’s most disadvantaged communities. We teach life skills, build confidence and provide opportunities.’

David Fleming, Engagement Manager for the Ebony Horse Club, said: ”We are really proud of the kids and enjoy seeing them go on to careers in equestrianism and racing. If they don’t however, we are happy for them to benefit from just spending time enjoying the horses, mentally, physically and emotionally, whether or not this becomes a career path or hobby going forward.”

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