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Ellie working as an on course bookmaker 21 February 2019

Ellie Hudson is behind racing’s newest YouTube broadcaster, In The Paddock TV. A bookmaker by trade, Ellie is looking to introduce a younger audience to the sport of horseracing.

Starting out in racing

I’ve always had a love for horseracing but I never considered it as a career option to be honest. I had this completely bizarre perception that the only career option was to be a jockey. I was studying for my Law degree at university when I took on some part-time work at the racecourse with a bookmaker. I would say my real passion started once I was working regularly on course. The sport is so diverse and exciting. Every day is different!

Ellie working as an on-course bookmaker

What’s it like in the betting ring?

I love it! There’s always a buzz on the racecourse and you have to be a quick thinker. It was daunting to start off with as I wasn’t familiar with how betting worked. The busier meetings are my favourite as there’s a great atmosphere and you don’t have time to think! Apart from that, you’re part of someone’s experience at the races and you develop a good relationship with some of the punters. Everyone brings something different to the sport. I would probably enjoy a lot of the different career paths but for me being in the ring is what I love. I have developed so many skills over the past year from the experts in the ring.  I find it so inspirational learning from them.

In The Paddock TV logo
In The Paddock TV logo

 In The Paddock TV to open up career paths

I have always enjoyed filming and editing and I wanted to create something I could build from scratch and make entertaining. I didn’t think there was much available on YouTube that is completely free to watch, in terms of racing. I wanted it to be accessible to all. We are filming in a proper studio with a modern-looking set. I really want to make the channel fun and interactive with our followers.

We will be covering a series of career paths within the industry and possibly some specials around the larger fixtures, such as Cheltenham. Our audience is varied I think; we want to interact with the younger generation but we also think our content will appeal to people within the industry, too.

We haven’t yet got a set launch date yet; we’re working to ensure everything will be at the best standard but we’ve got some exciting guests confirmed, including the one and only Oisin Murphy. Watch this space, it’s coming very soon!

Showcasing our sport in the best light

Unfortunately, I believe horse racing seems to get a lot of negative coverage external to the sport, yet there seems to be little mentioned about the incredible opportunities the sport provides. You only have to look at the news at the moment with the Equine Flu – the whole general public is now a veterinary expert and we need to really support the industry together, really push the positivity. In The Paddock TV is simply there to educate and show what an incredible sport it really is. Whether it may encourage those to become more involved with a career path or simply enjoy a day out at the races, I hope we achieve something.

In The Paddock TV Studio
A preview of In The Paddock TV’s Studio

Out of the starting stalls at Lingfield

Ah, lovely Lingfield. I joke it’s my second home. It’s one of my favourite tracks to work. Everyone there is like a big family. They’re such a supportive team and they work so hard to make the experience exceptional for all. They took an interest in what I was doing and have given me an extra push to work hard to make the channel perfect. Nearly everyone in the industry is super supportive and will help you if you ask, no one knows everything and you can learn a lot from those that have been in the industry for years.

Find out more about In The Paddock TV here.

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