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27 January 2023

Epsom Racecourse to ‘turbocharge’ community projects

Racing Together’s third installment of the popular webinar series saw Naomi Howgate, Maddy Playle and James Crespi engage in a productive discussion about how the industry can promote its good news stories outside of its own ‘bubble’.

The panellists, guided expertly by broadcaster Dani Jackson, shared important good news stories, including Ashleigh Wicheard taking the knee before her win in The Magnolia Cup, and the impact this had globally, as Naomi explained during her time attending the USA Racing Symposium. Maddy went on to share her excitement about the next cohort of Racing Media Academy students while James expanded on his plans for Epsom Racecourse to ‘turbocharge’ their community engagement activity.

It was fascinating to hear from Maddy, that while the equine stars are the real celebrities of the sport, there are other crucial elements she focusses on when seeking out good news stories, explaining that the human element, with emotion and a personal storyline, is something that she finds resonates with a readership.

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One thing the panellists all acknowledged was the challenge of disseminating these news stories among a wider audience which transcends the direct racing communities. One focus was on taking guidance from high profile sports such as Formula One, which regularly have celebrities down in the pit before Grand Prixs. Naomi expanded on this saying ‘we should be celebrating those who want to come into the sport and help to raise its profile’.

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