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03 February 2023

Strength and Learning Through Horses Open Afternoon

Strength and Learning Through Horses is now taking bookings for Therapy & Education Programmes starting after the Easter Holidays which will take place at their new home on Mays Lane, Barnet, EN5 2AQ.

Attend their Open Afternoon on Thursday 23rd February from 12pm to 2.30pm to learn about their therapy and alternative education services and the benefits that they can bring.

There will be live demonstrations and taster sessions of their models at work where you can experience first hand what they offer clients.

£50 per person but free for professionals working with young children aged 4 – 25

To book contact:

Previous referring organisations have said the following:

“The amazing thing about the horses is you can get a bit of support into the kids who wouldn’t see a traditional therapist, or have had enough of trying with traditional therapy. You can get to them in a way that none of us can.” – Headteacher, Alternative Education Provider

“This is the most successful part of our alternative education curriculum, the students WANT to come.” – Headteacher

Ofsted have been really impressed by the project at SLTH and the impact on our students.” – Assistant Headteacher

“This intervention is a no-brainer, it has a massive impact on the young people. Not just their mental well-being and skills but it helps them come back to school and engage as their minds are settled.  It’s massively good value for money.” – SENCO



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