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12 March 2020

Girls Empowered by Travel – Nepal Visit Yorkshire’s Garden Racecourse

The winners of the Ripon Racecourse Charity Christmas Dash, Girls Empowered by Travel – Nepal, were last weekend awarded a ‘With and For Girls 2019 Award’. This is a global initiative supporting organisations working with and for girls to tackle issues such as gender discrimination, inequality and harmful practices.

Sajana Bhadel and Pabitra Majhi of GET travelled from Nepal to London to collect the award and as part of the visit to the UK they travelled to Ripon. They were accompanied by UK ambassador for the Charity Mark Goddard who said: “I first visited Nepal in the aftermath of the devastating 2015 earthquake and began supporting Girls Empowered by Travel soon afterwards. The project allows girls from rural areas to learn new skills and return to lead projects in their own community.

“The empowerment is far reaching, with each girl trained creating a legacy in their community and a relatively modest sum of money can have life changing effects, not just for one individual girl but for a whole community.”

Sajana Bhadel, President of Girls Empowered by Travel, added: “The £450 which we won from the Ripon Charity Dash has been used to train two girls from rural districts in our ‘Hitaishi’ project. ‘Hitaishi’ means ‘Bond of friendship’ where girls learn about adult literacy, education and cleanliness and deliver this project to around 25 girls from their region which will help to eliminate the cycle of poverty.”

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