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20 November 2020

Global Alliance Launches to Connect the World with the Racehorse

Together for Racing International promotes education, community engagement, workforce development

Together for Racing International (TfRI) – a global alliance to promote and progress education, community engagement, and career opportunities in the thoroughbred industry – has launched the website

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TfRI resulted from a 2019 education forum hosted by Godolphin in Newmarket. This event gathered thoroughbred breeding, racing, and education professionals from six countries who addressed challenges to inclusion, attracting newcomers, supporting education, and workforce enrichment. Forum attendees collaborated on a global vision and strategy to grow and sustain the thoroughbred industry. The outcome was Together for Racing International, which focuses on three pillars for development: education, community engagement, and workforce.

TfRI is a platform for connecting the world with the racehorse. The resources and inspirational content on the website will inform students, educators, parents, and industry members about available opportunities for learning and involvement. It also serves as a networking medium for countries to collaborate and support the progression of emerging programmes.

The website launch follows last week’s unveiling of British racing’s first Directory of Community Engagement and Education activity on Racing Together’s website, the industry’s umbrella brand for this work. The Directory features updates from over 190 different activities run by racing-related organisations, designed to benefit people’s education, career aspirations, health and wellbeing.  Some of this activity is in response to the stark challenges of COVID-19 and has involved supplying food and supplies and supporting health care professionals.

TfRI is chaired by Chris Grant and developed through a network of global steering committee members from Australia, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, and the United States.

Chris Grant was Vice-Chair of London’s ground-breaking 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy International Development Programme, International Inspiration, and has moderated several editions of the global Beyond Sport Forum. 

TfRI global steering committee members represent the following educational and workforce organisations: AFASEC (FR); France-Galop (FR); Godolphin (Globally); Horse Racing Ireland (IRE); Irish National Stud (IRE); Kentucky Equine Talent Pipeline Project (US); North American Racing Academy (US); Racing Together (GB); The Racing Foundation (GB); and Thoroughbred Industry Careers (AUS).

“The Racing Foundation is delighted to have been involved with this work and excited about the launch of the web-site and the impact it can have,” said Rob Hezel, Chief Executive of The Racing Foundation.

“We are already seeing the benefits of the Godolphin-inspired focus on community engagement activity in the UK and hope that inspiring this work internationally will support and enhance national efforts, so racing is seen as a valued contributor to society globally.”

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Additional contributions about Together for Racing International (TfRI):

Hugh Anderson, Godolphin Managing Director, UK and Dubai

“A year ago today, the international racing community united at the Godolphin Forum for Education in Newmarket and committed to ensure that racing can offer greater opportunities to educators, young people and our communities.

“From there, Together for Racing International (TfRI) has now evolved and is an organisation Godolphin is proud to support.

“The TfRI website provides a comprehensive view of the fantastic initiatives already in place globally and is an enormous step towards achieving our aim of engaging with young people and encouraging them to work in our wonderful sport.”

John Gosden, World-Renowned Racehorse Trainer

“Horses and people have always had a symbiotic relationship from early civilisations. As participants in our sport and the breeding industry, it is our duty to continue to encourage and expand the human connection with the thoroughbred. We are stewards of the animal at its centre, and it is our mission, and truly a privilege, to support initiatives like TfRI, linking up internationally to promote horse racing and breeding – and the horse itself – to the world.”

Annise Montplaisir, TfRI Project Manager

“There is such a vast array of positive initiatives happening in the horse racing industry around the world. But awareness is key, and unless we publicize the amazing impact so many programs are having, they risk going unnoticed. A resource like TfRI has the ability to connect industry newcomers with learning experiences; inspire educators to try new curriculums; and encourage communities to look at how their local racetracks and breeding farms are giving back.”

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