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12 May 2020

#GoRacingGreen’s Inclusive Get Creative Competition

#GoRacingGreen – the initiative that works with racecourses to support people that love racing but have challenges that may keep them isolated from the sport – has developed a new creative competition for everyone to enjoy.

The challenge with a deadline of midday on Friday 23rd May is to create something that is equine-related.

Perhaps painting a picture of a horse; creating a stable out of Lego or make a horse lorry or fences out items that might be found around the house and garden would be ways to enter. Knitting a scarf in favourite racing colours is also a suggestion

The competition will be split into four age group categories, as follows:

  • 4-7
  • 8-11
  • 12-16
  • Above & Beyond

The Above & Beyond category is for anyone over 16 that wishes to take part who may have special educational needs, dementia or a disability, hidden or otherwise. Go Racing Green would also be interested in anyone sharing their story, should they wish.

Once complete, please tweet an image of your picture to @novicefilly and include the age of your child if 16 or under (for safeguarding reasons you do not have to display their name if you would rather not), or email a picture of the creation to

The images will be uploaded to the #GoRacingGreen website, where people will be able to vote for their favourite piece in each age group.

The creator of, Bryan Gault, kindly chose #GoRacingGreen as his cause ahead of this year’s Cheltenham Festival. Therefore, the prizes for each age group will be provided from that fund.

Each winner, or their parent/carer, will be contacted so an appropriate prize, to the value of £25 per winner, can be ordered and, due to the current circumstances, will be sent direct to them via Amazon.

Please have your entries in by midday on Friday 23rd May. Voting will open from 7.30pm on that day and close at 5pm on Sunday 26th May. The winners will be announced during the #GRGchat that starts at 7.30pm on Sunday 26th May.

Good luck and, above all, have loads of creative fun.

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