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13 November 2023

In Safer Gambling Week, racing teams encouraged to take up free education sessions

As part of the work to encourage safer gambling, and to educate and signpost young people to advice and support, the Racing to School team was pleased to join the programme being run by Epic Risk Management this year. Epic is working alongside many groups within the racing industry to offer free sessions delivered by those with lived experience of problem gambling, specifically highlighting the vulnerability of sportsmen and women.

Former rugby professional, Mark Potter represented Epic at this year’s Racing Together Industry day as part of this initiative. Through sharing a very raw and personal experience, Mark set out to connect with racing colleagues by highlighting some of the signs and behaviours that might indicate problem gambling, and the vital support available.

Epic’s work has also involved smaller sessions engaging many racing organisations, and the programme is running for a further two years.

“Mark’s story is incredibly powerful and illustrates the life-changing impact a gambling addiction can have not only on the gambler, but those close to them,” said Jen Gates of Racing to School.

“Hearing his lived experience has left me feeling better equipped to identify the warning signs of someone developing an addiction and more confident in where to signpost them to for support.”

Florence Cain also attended the Racing to School workshop and added: “Working in the racing industry, gambling is always going to part of the landscape. Mark’s story and his work has helped to demonstrate how crucial education is around safer gambling and how to help those who may be struggling with addiction.”

For more details on the Epic programme contact and to learn more about Safer Gambling please visit this website.

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