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27 January 2022

Owner Johnny Hon donates £100,000 to support young stable staff

Hong Kong owner Johnny Hon, who runs his Global Group Racing empire out of Albert House Stables in Newmarket, has recently donated £100,000 to Racing Welfare to fund a housing support officer for the charity for the next three years.

A housing support officer helps young tenants working in racing and living at Racing Welfare properties, of which there are 165 across Britain, to manage all aspects of their lives.

Racing Welfare, under the banner Racing Homes, provides properties for either the retired or young people (16-24), providing both sheltered and general needs housing.

Most of the accommodation is in Newmarket, but it also has housing in other racing centres such as Lambourn, Malton and Middleham.

Hon employs many young staff at Albert House Stables, a project that has made a successful start under the tenure of trainer Chris Dwyer.

The owner said: “I am delighted to back this project for the next three years. As a passionate racing fan and owner of Albert House Stables, I know the importance of supporting all the great people who make racing happen.

“Young people come into racing with a love of horses and a desire to share in the excitement of winning races, but they have not always been well supported and they can be vulnerable in their personal lives. This project makes a real difference and sets an example that should be copied elsewhere in racing communities.”

Racing Homes also offers an advice and support service to those working or retired from the racing and breeding industries and follows the very best practice in social housing, providing high-quality accommodation and support while charging rent at social rent levels.

Current Racing Welfare housing support officer Sarah Ashley said: “Some young people don’t have family support so I’m the only person they have to check that they are doing okay. It allows people to become more confident and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

“I’ve taken the same journey myself through the racing school, working and riding in yards. It’s not easy and I understand that. I can empathise and they feel comfortable talking to me. They are our next generation of racing staff. If they are living well here, they will continue to do so.”

Story via Racing Post

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