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02 July 2024

Polish racing broadcaster Annamaria Sobierajska realised a dream this year when covering the action at Royal Ascot as a reporter for Polsat Sport, the country’s largest sports TV station. She tells Racing Together about her experience and lasting memories of this truly international meeting.

Covering Royal Ascot as a sports journalist from Poland was such an exciting experience. The seamless blend of top class racing, high fashion and British tradition created a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Each race was a spectacular sight, showcasing the world’s best horses and jockeys, with their racing tactics and skills. The anticipation and energy in the stands was palpable, making it easy to capture the excitement of the crowd in my reports.

Interviews with trainers and jockeys provided rich, insightful content, offering a deeper understanding of the sport. The high level of concern by various organisations for the welfare of the horses supports the discipline and depicts the commitment of those involved in horse racing.  Beyond the races, the spectacle of the Royal Procession and the parade of extravagant hats added layers of cultural context to my reporting. It was great that in addition to my coverage, Polsat Sport aired action from all five days of the meeting.

The meticulous organisation and enthusiasm of the participants underlined why Royal Ascot remains the pinnacle of the sporting calendar. Covering such a prestigious event is not just about the racing, it captures the essence of a truly British celebration of sport, style and tradition. For me, it was an unforgettable experience.

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