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28 December 2023

Post-Community Day reflections from The TBA’s Juliet Frost

After a record-breaking Community Day, where over 75 organisations gave over 700 hours of their time to over 40 individual charities, we hear from those who took part. First up is Juliet Frost, Chief Operating Officer at The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association.

Tell us about you and your role

I’m the Chief Operating Officer at the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association (TBA). I look after the operational functions of the business, including finance, data, systems and HR. I’m privileged that I have been able to make a career within an industry I love and the opportunity to give something back to the area I live and work in was very appealing. 

Tell us about your Community Day activity?

We chose to litter pick with the support of East Cambs. District Council and they provided all the kit we would need.  Despite looking like hi-viz warriors, we received support from the locals, along with a few quizzical looks.  Everyone who was at work that day took part, nine of us in total, and we completed two hours of litter picking in the verges around Chippenham village, totalling eight bags of rubbish left in a safe spot for collection.

What was the feedback from your team about the day and are you planning to get involved next year?

Despite not knowing quite what to expect, all the team appreciated a few hours of outdoor activity (it probably helped that the sun was shining!) and I received positive feedback about the feelings of giving something back to our local community and making the environment a bit better for everyone.  Next year is definitely on our agenda.

Why do you think it is so important for racing to support the community?

Racing as an industry can struggle with connotations of privilege and offering a closed door to the outside world.  While those of us working in it probably find that a long way from the reality, anything we can do to break those barriers down and chip away at that perception has to be beneficial for everyone involved.

How did it feel to be part of racing’s national volunteering effort?

I felt it was a really positive experience for us all, and a great initiative. I feel Racing Together should be justly proud in this growing initiative as it gains traction.  Hopefully bigger and better again in 2024.

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