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01 April 2020

Racing funders and Racing Welfare team up to offer Covid-19 hardship grants

Racing Welfare has announced a streamlined application process for the provision of Covid-19 hardship grants for anyone working in the British horseracing and breeding industry. 

The hardship grants will be financed by an industry fund established by The Racing Foundation, the John Pearce Foundation and other racing charities, utilising Racing Welfare’s infrastructure and grant making expertise to distribute the funds.

These payments are designed to help those who in need of immediate financial assistance due to the outbreak.  “We recognise that the situation is affecting the lives of people living and working in racing in many different ways, with immediate financial need being just one of these,” said Dawn Goodfellow, Chief Executive of Racing Welfare.

The new application process has been designed to make obtaining a hardship grant as simple and efficient as possible.   The grants have been calculated into fortnightly amounts for a single applicant (£150) and that of a family (£210).  The payments are intended to cover immediate basic needs, such as food, electricity and heating.

Applicants will be eligible for a grant if they have encountered financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 situation.  Before a grant application is processed, the charity’s welfare team will conduct a needs-based assessment, including supporting people to claim any benefits and other statutory entitlements.  Racing Welfare’s existing grant application process remains in place to provide additional financial assistance if required. 

Those in need of support should contact Racing Welfare directly; the charity’s regional office numbers are manned from 9am – 5pm, Monday-Friday and are as follows:

  • Malton: 01653 696 869
  • Middleham:  01969 624 123
  • Lambourn: 01488 670 034
  • Newmarket: 01638 560 763

For assistance outside of these times, Racing’s Support Line is available 24hrs a day on 0800 6300 443.  Alternatively, a 24hr live chat service is available via the charity’s website  All calls are being answered as quickly as possible but the charity is asking for all those getting in touch to bear with them at this busy time.

In addition to the work on hardship grants, Dawn Goodfellow commented on the other priorities of the charity: “The publication of reliable advice and guidance in relation to the outbreak and its impact, and community support services to prevent loneliness and isolation during this time.  The crisis is generating a lot of complex needs and so our services are designed to support people who require support on multiple fronts.”

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