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06 November 2017

Racing to School Programme Manager honoured at McCoys

Racing to School’s Programme Manager, Ollie McPhail was recognised at the McCoy’s Awards at Cheltenham at the end of September for his ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to the sport.

The charity is delighted with Ollie’s achievements, which have seen him make a successful transition from the saddle to the ‘classroom’ in his lead role delivering Racing to School activity learning days for a record 13,000 young people this year.

“I am very honoured to win this award and fortunate to come racing more now than when I was riding,” said Ollie.
“The charity is working hard to help fund our expanding programme, as we have plenty of schools across the country wishing to get their young people involved with our work and to connect with racing. I hope this personal award helps to bring our ambitions to people’s attention.”

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