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15 March 2018

Racing Together partner opens its doors to 300 new beneficiaries

Racing Together partner, The Racing Centre in Newmarket has reached out to its local community by giving a base to the Newmarket Gymnastics Club and investing in the New Astley Boxing Club to cater for an increase in membership.

The Gymnastics Club boasts 170 members but were without a home until The Racing Centre stepped in to allow the club to train twice a week to continue their training programmes and development. Chairperson of the Gymnastics Club Nicki Negus, said: “We are very grateful to Tom Lee (Racing Centre Manager) and the team for coming forward and offering us a solution.”

The New Astley Boxing Club is also on the up thanks to the recruitment of a new boxing coach to oversee the growth of the club full-time.

“The Racing Centre is a community hub for all of Newmarket to use and these are just two of the many new partnerships being formed here,” said Tom Lee. “With both clubs being under the same roof, over 300 children and young adults are now visiting the centre and benefitting from our facilities.”

For more information visit The Racing Centre

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