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08 March 2021

Racing Together’s newest recruit, Georgina Crabb is yet another sharp mind to emerge from the BHA’s graduate programme of 2020. She is blending her new role with her racecourse-based work supporting the BHA’s covid protocols

I felt incredibly lucky to get onto The BHA Graduate Development Programme in 2020. Although it was a challenge to get my place, with interviews and written statements, it wasn’t half the challenge the BHA faced when Covid struck and the programme had to go online. It was testament to them that the course went so well, and we all learnt a huge amount. The highlight for me was the group presentation to industry experts. It really showed the importance of teamwork and, in our case, the subject of equine welfare ignited my interest in the public’s perception of racing. 

Two roles in support of racing

We were each given an ‘industry buddy’ and together with careers coach, Annie Lee, this helped me to see that a career in racing was achievable. The challenge Covid posed to the racing industry provided me with the opportunity to work for the BHA on the Covid checkpoints at racecourses. I learnt a great deal and continue to do this work part-time alongside my new role at Racing Together.

Horses have always been a large part of my life, through eventing, team chasing and show jumping. I still manage to get home to ride my horse Gilbert as much as possible. I’d always aspired to have a career in racing. I have happy memories from days spent racing at Ludlow to going to the Cheltenham Festival after school and have been lucky enough to work in family members’ point to point and racing yards. 

I am very excited to be part of the Racing Together team and hope I can help to support racing’s community engagement activity, especially as the world opens up again. During my first week, I met many different stakeholders, and I am inspired by the variety of community initiatives. Now, more than ever, charities across the UK need help as they face the challenges of Covid and reduction in income. Where better to find support than from the racing industry.

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