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02 February 2022

Racing urged to engage with online questionnaire to help map sport’s environmental activity

An online questionnaire has opened today for everyone working and involved in British racing to help inform action on the sport’s environmental sustainability.

The survey can be completed on behalf of an organisation and by individuals interested in or knowledgeable about this key area. The questionnaire will aid the mapping of environmental activity, expertise and interest across the racing and breeding industries. It forms part of a wider assessment of progress on environmental sustainability commissioned last year by industry leaders and funded by the Racing Foundation. This scoping work seeks to establish the extent of sustainability activities across racing and aid identifying risks and challenges climate change may have on the industry and how racing can develop evidence-based solutions.

The questionnaire will close on Monday 14th February. Responses will be used to build an overall picture of activity already underway: from reducing carbon emissions to improving biodiversity. It will also help determine the scope for future projects and identify where support is required. 

Brant Dunshea, BHA Chief Regulatory Officer and Project Executive Sponsor, said: “Capturing the activity already underway across racing and breeding is a key element of our sustainability scoping exercise. This is essential if we are to measure our current progress and identify areas where there are opportunities for further progress. 

“There are numerous examples of where organisations and individuals are taking positive steps to reduce emissions, manage key resources and embed environmental sustainability more generally in their business practices. 

“I encourage anyone with interest, knowledge or experience in this area to complete the survey and help us collate some of this important activity. Thank you in advance for your help.” 

Rob Hezel, Chief Executive of the Racing Foundation, added: “As an industry, it is vital that we tackle environmental challenges if we are to future-proof racing for future generations. 

“The results of this survey will build an understanding of where we currently are, informing industry leaders and allowing them to adopt a strategic approach to the issue. I therefore ask everyone to please complete the questionnaire to help racing to respond effectively on this crucial issue.” 

To find out more about the project click here. To complete the questionnaire visit the website here

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