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30 September 2020

Racing Welfare join forces with Sleepstation to launch online sleep therapy programme for the racing industry

Racing Welfare has today announced their partnership with sleep therapy service, Sleepstation. The online programme is designed to help people to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and to get better quality sleep and will be available, free of charge, to anyone in the racing industry who is struggling with their sleep.

Sleepstation is an NHS accredited, personalised sleep improvement programme designed to help people overcome any sleep issues with effective, tried and tested methods which are easily implemented into day to day life. The online programme can last up to eight weeks, depending on individual needs and circumstances.  It is based on a person centred approach that patients would previously only be able to access in leading sleep clinics, known as CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia).  Insomnia can be debilitating but Racing Welfare and Sleepstation believe it is a treatable condition and that no-one should have to suffer or worry about sleep on top of life’s other stresses.

Whatever the particular issue, a lack of sleep can affect everything in a person’s life including productivity, relationships, family life and overall health. Being able to access the Sleepstation programme online provides many benefits including no waiting lists, no need to take time off work, no travel costs involved and no set appointment times. Anyone who thinks they could benefit from Sleepstation can access the online programme here.

Kay Boyden, Workforce Wellbeing Programme Manager for Racing Welfare, said:We are really pleased to be able to add Sleepstation to the services we provide as we know that poor sleep can have a huge impact on people’s health, their day to day lives and their mental health.  Sleepstation will complement perfectly the services that we already offer as part of our Workforce Wellbeing Programme and being online means that it will be accessible to everyone, no matter what hours they work.”


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