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11 December 2020

Racing Welfare would like to introduce you to Woebot, an artificial intelligence counsellor that can be accessed via an app on your phone

Woebot is an easy to use app that enables users to access in the moment emotional support 24/7. Woebot can help you to track your mood, identify patterns and give insight into particular issues or concerns that you may not have realised were causing emotional distress. Woebot can also teach you techniques and tools such as cognitive behavioural therapies or breathing exercises.

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What is Woebot?

Woebot is a private and secure app that helps you learn how to better manage your thoughts and feelings during stressful situations.
Woebot checks in with you daily to see how you’re feeling, and provides tools to track your mood, practice mindfulness, and gain insights into your thought patterns.
Research shows Woebot can help you improve your mood and lower your stress in as little as two weeks.

Why use Woebot?

  • Woebot was created by Stanford-trained psychologists
  • The tools are based on decades of research
  • Woebot is personalised to your needs and only takes a few minutes a day!
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