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09 January 2024

Simple steps to sustainability at Racing Together Industry Day

Inspired by the Racing Foundation’s focus on sustainability at their 2023 Conference, planning for the upcoming Racing Together Industry Day is putting sustainable measures to the fore.

The event is being held on 8th February at Chester Racecourse and delegates will be wearing lanyards borrowed from the Racing Foundation and used at their autumn conference. The funder invested in these materials with the specific aim that they could be reused by other racing organisations.

Rhi Lee-Jones, Head of Communications and Events at the Racing Foundation said: “Reusing materials is a key pillar of environmental sustainability. Therefore, the Racing Foundation is delighted to be sharing resources from its own conference in October with Racing Together.

“The lanyards that hold the name badges for delegates were made from recycled plastic bottles and manufactured in the East Midlands, producing 61% less CO2 in their manufacture and distribution than similar items imported from China.

“Little contributions can cumulatively make a big difference to reduce the environmental impact of in-person events. The Racing Foundation is therefore pleased to be able to contribute to Racing Together’s ambitions of a greener conference alongside funding a limited number of free tickets to charities to whom cost would prove a barrier to attending the event.”

Host Chester Racecourse sources 93% of their food within a 75-mile radius of the course, while Racing Together is encouraging lift-sharing, including a bus from Newmarket for guests. Train travel is also being encouraged. In addition, Racing Together will not be providing printed itineraries to cut paper usage, and instead will be displaying the day’s events on venue screens, as well as being accessible via QR codes.

For more information and to book tickets follow this link

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