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27 January 2022

Stakeholder bodies united in a bid to improve British racing’s culture of respect

Further to the statement issued by major bodies of British racing in mid-December, a cross- industry working party has been established. Their objective is agreeing an action plan that will aim to improve the culture of respect in British racing. Representatives are going to meet before the end of January when they will start discussions on the development of a specific action plan. 

The working group is aiming to highlight positive elements of conduct and identify how as an industry we can further promote a culture of respect. They will also assist in the communication of the sport’s new Code of Conduct and revised Safeguarding policies. This will ensure the policies are fully understood and embedded in the sport to achieve their objectives. 

The working party is chaired by BHA’s Head of Industry Training and Retention Adam Green and includes representatives from all major stokehold bodies in British racing. Representatives of the Culture of Respect working party are:

  • British Horseracing Authority (BHA): Adam Green (Head of Industry Training & Retention), Rose Grissell (Head of Diversity), Tomás Nolan (Legal Regulation Advisor), and Emma Rouse (Communications Consultant.)
  • National Trainers Federation (NTF): Paul Johnson (Chief Executive)
  • Professional Jockeys Association (PJA): Dale Gibson (Acting Chief Executive), along with Jockey representatives Page Fuller and Andrew Mullen.
  • National Association of Racing Staff (NARS): George McGrath (Chief Executive)
  • Racehorse Owners Association (ROA): Ruth Diver (Executive Assistant)
  • Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association (TBA): Colin Bryce (Laundry Cottage Stud)
  • Racecourse Association (RCA): Paul Swain (Raceday Experience & Communications Manager)
  • Racing Welfare: Simone Sear (Director of Welfare)
  • Independent representative: Dr Eleanor Boden

Adam Green, BHA Head of Industry Training and Retention, and Chair of the Culture of Respect Working Party, said: “There has been progress in Racing in recent years towards improving a culture of respect, but it is important that we all acknowledge that there is more to be done. Having been a part of conducting the Code of Conduct consultation across the industry, I am left in no doubt that there is an overwhelming appetite from all quarters to improve the culture of respect and make sure that everybody involved in the sport is supportive of one another.

“The working party reflects the commitment from everyone to effect meaningful change for the future of Racing.”

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