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06 May 2020

VE Day Champion Hurdle: Warwick Racecourse for the Royal British Legion

Warwick were planning their biggest ever raceday to celebrate with the town this Friday’s VE Day.

Concerned that the charity, Royal British Legion would miss out on vital funds raised on the day, the course has come up with an idea to help.

Andre Klein, Manager of the racecourse explains: “VE Day was tracking to be a huge event for us but actually more importantly it was a vital day for the local Royal British Legion who were using the day as major fundraising occasion.

“The idea I stumbled on is the VE Day Fantasy Champion Hurdle. Yes, a Champion Hurdle at Warwick! In a way, it will feel like we are racing at Warwick again and it’s all for good cause. You never know, you might even pick the winner. You’ll also be able to listen to me doing my one and only race commentary!”

Details and how to get involved

The VE Day Champion Hurdle is a light-hearted promotion undertaken by Warwick Racecourse to raise funds for the Royal British Legion on VE Day.

An archive race from Warwick has been dubbed over to create a new fantasy race and the result of the race will remain a secret until 7pm on Saturday, May 9th, when the footage of the race with its special VE Day commentary will be published on the Warwick Racecourse Facebook page. On request the course will email a link to the race on the Internet for viewers without Facebook.

For full details on how to get involved, visit Warwick’s Facebook page here.

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