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Racing for Maggie’s Charity Partnership


Galloping To Give

area of interest


Old Stoic Racing Club

Racing for Maggie’s Charity Partnership






Having worked in the charity sector for nearly a decade, syndicate manager Henry Kimbell realised that many charities were not recognising the value in aligning their cause with horse racing. The aim of the project was simple - to create an appealing charity racing syndicate offering which would not only attract new donors to Maggie's Charity but also raise a minimum of £10,000 for their Cheltenham Centre and to run profile-raising activities in the local area. By May 2019 - three years after the syndicate was launched - we had generated £25,000 in fundraising, had the charity's branding on the syndicate colours, invited staff and volunteers along to yard visits (at Kim Bailey Racing) and secured interviews on numerous media outlets alongside coverage in the Racing Post.

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Building stronger communities

Contributing to the economy

Building diversity and inclusion