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Volunteer today for racing charities!

Charities working across the sport are frequently in need of valuable support from volunteers – on an ongoing basis or just to support a particular event.

Volunteering is a great way to help the causes you support, and can even boost your CV and help you make new friendships.

Volunteer bucket collector

Opportunities to volunteer with racing industry charities will be found through Careers in Racing and the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

A selection of charities that rely on volunteers:

  • Racing Welfare
  • Palace House
  • Racehorse Sanctuary & Rehoming Centre
  • The Racehorse Rescue Centre
  • The British Thoroughbred Rehoming Centre
  • Greatwood
  • and more…

Example roles include administrative or specialist business support, fundraising-specific tasks, or hands-on with horses.

Click the logos below to find volunteering opportunities…

Careers in Racing:

Sport and Recreation Alliance – Join In:

If you are a racing charity looking to recruit volunteers, simply contact for further information on how we can help you.

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Racing With Pride

area of interest


Racing With Pride

LGBT+ Awareness and Inclusion E-Learning



Over 100 individuals joined the network in the first week of it launching. It is expected to grow as it is continuously promoted.



Racing With Pride has been developed by the DiRSG’s dedicated voluntary LGBT+ sub-group. It is envisaged that it will be led by it’s members for it’s members. Racing With Pride will: • Support: offer a safe space for LGBT+ people and allies to meet, receive support, have fun and enjoy racing online and in person. • Raise awareness: promote a better understanding of LGBT+ inclusion to ensure racing is everyone’s sport, encouraging all to step up as allies. • Engagement: provide a platform for the sport’s LGBT+ community to have a collective voice in shaping the industry’s future LGBT+ activity.

desired outcome


Improving mental health

Developing peoples' skills

Building stronger communities

Building diversity and inclusion