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The Directory maps nationwide activities from over 130 organisations that are harnessing racing’s assets to help people develop skills, increase physical activity and create a more diverse and inclusive sport.


Diversity in Racing Resources

View and download resources from the list below to support your diversity and inclusion initiatives:


Racing Celebrates Pride Month!

Pride month is celebrated annually in June, although Pride events take place throughout the summer in Britain. Pride is about communities coming together in celebration, protest, unity and solidarity for LGBT+ equality. Here are some downloads:

Catch up: How to be a good LGBT+ ally Webinar

Vanessa Ryle hosted Lee Moulson, David Jones and Liz Ward for a discussion on allyship within racing.

Catch up on Racing With Pride’s Webinar: Preparing for Pride

Hosted by BHA Head of Diversity and Inclusion Rose Grissell, featuring panellists David Letts and Jon Holmes, this webinar explains how organisations can communicate their support of Pride month and the LGBT+ community in June and year-round.

David Letts and Jon Holmes to talk through the ‘Rainbow Ready’ guidelines and learn:

  • Practical tips for activity in Pride month.
  • Communication ‘dos and don’ts’ on how to get the messaging right to educate those already connected to your organisation as well as to reach new audiences.
  • Guidance on how to handle any reactions.
  • What you can do internally as well as externally.

Educational and Practical Tools

  • LGBT+ Awareness and Inclusion E-Learning.
  • ‘Rainbow Ready’ Toolkit to help the sport communicate about LGBT+ inclusion.
  • Racing is Everyone’s Sport Poster to display on a racecourse, in your workplace or on social media.
  • Racing With Pride – British racing’s official LGBT+ network which offers a safe community for people to find support and camaraderie, as well as influence social change and promote a diverse and inclusive industry.
  • Race and Ethnicity Terminology Language Resource by Sporting Equals, Feb 2021 – developing appropriate terminology to build confidence in engaging with ethnically diverse communities to allow for respect and relatability.
  • Leading the Way Series 2020: Sky Sports Racing presenter Josh Apiafi talks to leading figureheads within the horse racing industry about diversity, discussing their career pathways into the sport and their experiences once they arrived.
  • Racing With Pride racecard advert.
  • Racing With Pride social media quote template.
  • Racing is Everyone’s Sport film:


  • Women’s representation and diversity in the horseracing industry by Oxford Brookes, 2017
  • Female jockeys as good as males suggests research by Vanessa Cashmore, 2018. Read here.
  • Female jockey performance in jump racing is being underestimated suggests research by Vanessa Cashmore, 2019. Read here.
  • Sexuality in British Horseracing; an exploratory study into prevalence and attitudes by David Letts, 2019. Read here.
  • ‘Racing Home’ – a report by Women in Racing highlighting the challenges faced by working mothers in the horseracing industry, 2020. Read here.

Industry Commitments and Plans

  • Diversity in Racing Action Plan, published in July 2018, sets out ideas that can, and should, be addressed to promote greater inclusion across the sport, looking at participation, the workforce and racegoers. Read more.
  • Diversity in Racing Annual Update 2019Read more.
  • Diversity in Racing Annual Update 2020Read more.
  • Industry Statement: no place for discrimination in racing, November 2020. Read more.
  • Industry Commitment on Diversity and Inclusion 2021. Read more.

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