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Volunteer today to support racing help others.

The Do-it trust volunteer website has been designed to provide racing with a volunteer database for organisations seeking volunteers and for individuals who are seeking volunteer roles within the racing industry.

Charities and organisations can post volunteer opportunities for the wider public to access. An individual seeking volunteer roles can sign up to the website and search specific criteria regards volunteering in the racing industry including; geographic location, area of the sport that most interests them, date of the volunteer role.

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Racing Together Community Day: Thursday 9 May

What is Racing Together Community Day?

  • British racing’s national day of employee volunteering.
  • Initiated to collectively inspire and showcase racing working in its local communities, showing that it’s fun to give back alongside colleagues.
  • A nationwide initiative – last year 300 hours were volunteered to help others across Great Britain.
  • This is the 3rd annual Racing Together Community Day and will take place on Thursday 9th May.
  • Supported online via the website, Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #RTCommunityDay

What could we do?

  • The simple answer is anything that you and your colleagues might enjoy doing with your time to help people and causes outside the sport. There is no set theme for the day, you can choose to tackle issues closest to your local area or do your bit for a national cause on that day.
  • Common strands of Community Day volunteering include health, education, employability, conservation, enterprise and team challenges.
  • Should you wish to join a more nationwide initiative within the sport, for 2019 you can contact us for links to prostate cancer screening days, predominantly for racecourses or businesses with large venues. Uttoxeter Racecourse demonstrated the potential of this initiative in providing 75 potentially life-saving diagnoses in recent years. Read more about this initiative here.

Why get involved?

“Racing is like a jigsaw. We need many parts to fit together to complete the picture. When we do that, we see a strong, vibrant, caring community which delivers economic and social benefit and creates a stronger society.”

Atholl Duncan, BHA Interim Chair
10 reasons to get involved in Community Day graphic

“The day took each of us out of our usual racecourse bubbles and made us feel much more in tune with our community neighbours. We appreciated networking with other volunteers on the project and it enhanced our collective sense of corporate social responsibility having given something back without having been asked.”

Hazel Peplinski, Chief Executive Perth Racecourse

Last year’s Community Day in pictures:

We don’t want you to miss out on racing’s big volunteer day – here’s what to do next.

  1. Sign up (via email) and let us know your plans:
  2. You will receive a guide and graphics to help you maximise the success of your Racing Together Community Day
  3. Tag Racing Together on social media and send through photos for inclusion in our reports of the day.
  4. If 9th May is a tricky date for you to take part, then choose another time that week or choose the 9th to announce some plans for giving back later in the year.
  5. Have fun!