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Bridge of Hope – Project Racing

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Bridge of Hope – Project Racing






The Bridge of Hope is a simple project starting small, but with a big mission: providing hope to young people with amazing but unappreciated talents - through a meaningful, new career in the sport of horseracing and its supply chain. Imagine if there was some mechanism for taking those who have been dealt a rough hand in life - whether from mental illness, addiction, leaving care, crime, discrimination, trauma or homelessness - and giving them a second chance? There are plenty of brilliant charities taking the fallen victims of the above life challenges and providing them with wonderful pastoral care, but they typically stop at getting their clients work ready. However, research clearly proves that the single biggest game changer of life chances is an actual job. The Bridge of Hope aims to bridge this gap.

desired outcome


Improving mental health

Developing peoples' skills

Contributing to the economy

Getting people active