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LGBT+ Awareness and Inclusion E-Learning

area of interest


Racing With Pride

LGBT+ Awareness and Inclusion E-Learning






This e-learning module has been developed following research in racing which indicated many individuals who identified as a sexual minority did not feel comfortable ‘coming out’ at work, despite largely positive attitudes towards sexual minority individuals throughout the sport. The module is relevant to everyone involved in the industry, no matter what their role or how they identify. It aims to increase awareness and understanding of LGBT+ issues, language and history, and share practical advice about how to create more inclusive environments in the sport. The envisioned impact is to create a welcoming industry for everyone, where all employees, participants and racegoers feel confident and free to be open about their sexuality, if they wish to do so. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that there is zero tolerance towards discrimination within the sport and that all our people feel informed and empowered to challenge inappropriate behaviours and practices when they encounter these. Education means more than merely acquiring knowledge, it empowers people to develop personally and expand their thinking, which is the first step to enacting change.

desired outcome


Improving mental health

Building stronger communities

Building diversity and inclusion