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Studying the Form at Hamilton Park Project


Hamilton Park Racecourse

area of interest


Support of Scottish Racing Academy

Marie Curie Hospice

Hamilton Park Food Bank

Alzheimer Scotland Memory Walk at Hamilton Park

Studying the Form at Hamilton Park Project






Using photos and documents from the racecourse’s archive, the Hamilton Grammar School pupils researched the history and significance of racing in Hamilton and beyond, producing some stunning pieces of artwork. The S2 pupils (aged 12-14) started the project at the end of their S1 year, and their work was initially exhibited at the Lanarkshire Chamber of Commerce Raceday at Hamilton Park on September 23. Racegoers enjoyed viewing the exhibition while the pupils proudly discussed their work. The ‘Studying the Form at Hamilton Park’ project, which showcases horse racing’s deep-rooted history in the local area, was exhibited at Hampden Park’s Hall of Fame from November 25 to December 2.

desired outcome


Getting people active

Improving mental health

Developing peoples' skills

Accessing the outdoors and enabling volunteering