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The Directory maps nationwide activities from over 130 organisations that are harnessing racing’s assets to help people develop skills, increase physical activity and create a more diverse and inclusive sport.

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The Khadijah Mellah Scholarship


Riding A Dream Academy

area of interest


The Khadijah Mellah Scholarship

The Residential Week






We’re on the look-out for 8 promising and talented riders aged 14 -18 to become the first group to join the Khadijah Mellah Scholarship in 2021. If you’re from a non-traditional racing or non-horsey background, don’t have a pony and ride at an urban equestrian centre, we want to hear from you! ​ The Scholarship runs for a year, starting with a Residential Week at the British Racing School (BRS) in Newmarket from Monday 23rd August - Friday 27th August 2021. Thereafter, there will be 11 monthly weekend sessions at the BRS and at the end of it you will come out with a Level 1 in the Structure and Organisation of the Horseracing Industry.

desired outcome


Getting people active

Improving mental health

Developing peoples' skills

Building stronger communities

Accessing the outdoors and enabling volunteering

Building diversity and inclusion