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The Directory maps nationwide activities from over 130 organisations that are harnessing racing’s assets to help people develop skills, increase physical activity and create a more diverse and inclusive sport.

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Kindred (Unibet brand)

Current Activities

Programme Highlight

Our sponsorship of GoRacingGreen began in August 2019 and has enabled many with invisible illnesses to go racing and visit racing stables in a safe and secure environment. When Unibet sponsor a race meeting there is a proviso that a quiet zone needs to be delivered by the course to allow those involved with GoRacingGreen community to go, if needed. Also the course (at least 2 reps) has to undergo Dementia Friends training and other mental health awareness training courses. Courses also have to give up 2 adverts and various comms opportunities on the day to help promote GRG and the work it does. We also help fund visits to stables on non racing days enabling those with mental health issues or who suffer from other invisible illnesses to visit the horses and the names at the major training centres across the country. We have managed to get Debbie Matthews of GRG on ITV several times as well as RTV & ATR in attempt to explain what she does and why it is so important. Recently we took Goodwood At Home at face value - by taking Goodwood races (where Unibet are Official Betting Partners and sponsors of 9 races) to a local Chichester Care Home.

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