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26 April 2024

BHA launch industry survey

Over 300 individuals have already completed a new British Horseracing Authority survey that focuses on the experiences of ethnically diverse communities working within the racing and bloodstock industries.  

The survey will be used to ensure that all those working in the industry feel seen, heard and supported and the results will help to improve the workforce’s experiences across the sport.  

The survey will:

  • Undertake research into the experiences of racing industry employees who are from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds, as well as hearing from people who have worked with and witnessed the experiences of their ethnically diverse colleagues. 
  • Explore if there is any poor or discriminatory practice taking place, including what this looks and feels like, and the impact it has had on individuals. 
  • Use this anonymous feedback to make recommendations to the British Horseracing Authority’s Board and the wider horse racing industry based on the findings, including areas which the Plan4Sport Review Team consider to be good practice and areas which require improvement. 

To complete the survey please follow this link. 

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