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03 April 2024

Late call up for Racing to School’s Heather Oliver as London Marathon awaits 

When the chance to run the London Marathon as part of the Racing Welfare team arose, it was a no-brainer for Racing to School’s Heather Oliver. Despite the short, six-week lead up time and a busy schedule with the charity inspiring young future racing fans all across the Southern racecourses, Heather did not hesitate in signing-up to support a charity close to her heart. 

Heather, who is a key part of Racing to School’s delivery team, has worked in racing all her life and this enthusiasm for the sport has spread to her family, with her eldest daughter working for Ian Williams and her younger daughters both keen riders.  

Heather and her family, all of whom work in racing and ride

Balancing travelling around Britain’s racetracks with an intense training programme, Heather has always enjoyed sport and running – often seen dragging her Racing to School colleagues out onto The Severals for circuit training during Dubai Future Champions Education Week! However, having never ran more than 13.1k, and fighting off an injury, the marathon is set to be a whole new challenge. 

“Although prepping for a 26-mile race in under six weeks is a daunting prospect, the thought of running for all the people that Racing Welfare benefits on a daily basis is helping me get through the training and will hopefully keep me going on the day,” said Heather. 

All the money she raises will go to Racing Welfare, who not only work in racing hubs providing support, housing and social care for racing’s people and their families, but nationwide in every single racing yard providing the care that is needed for a workforce that work so hard day in day out. 

Racing Together wishes all the Racing Welfare runners the very best of luck for the big race on April 21st. To find out more about them and visit their page please click on their names Carron and Bruce Wymer, Tom Ryall, Sophie Webber, Katharine King, Chris Martin, Harrison Mills, Richard Cosgrave, Charlie Jones 

To support Heather in her training, and to help cheer her on during the race, you can text HEATHER to 70450 to donate £10. If you would like to donate a different amount text the same number using HEATHER followed immediately by the number (e.g. HEATHER5 to donate £5). 

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