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25 March 2024

Ascot Racecourse launch permanent sensory room

Yesterday saw the launch of the Ascot Racecourse Supports Sensory Room – a dedicated permanent space available to guests aged 16 and under, who have neuro-diverse conditions and might need a calm, quiet space to fully enjoy their day at the races.

Officially opened by Mims Davies MP, the Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, and Ascot Chairman, Sir Francis Brooke, the launch was celebrated by representatives from local charities and their beneficiary families, including Autism Berkshire, Swings and Smiles and Parenting with Special Children.

The decision to build a dedicated sensory room follows a successful pilot programme run by Racing Together, the RCA and Autism in Racing, which saw Ascot host a temporary, mobile sensory unit for inclusive racedays across 2022/23, with families with autistic children invited to attend.

This initiative marks the next step in Ascot’s wider accessibility plans to accommodate and encourage more families, and those from diverse backgrounds, to experience the sport. It is also their ambition to open the facility up to any SEND schools and/or charities who may also wish to visit the racecourse, either for an event or raceday.

Mims Davies MP said: “I’ve had the pleasure here at Ascot of opening this permanent sensory room. We’re really delighted that it is making racing fully inclusive for families and it’s wonderful that Ascot are leading the way on this.

We love the hubbub and the excitement of racing. But actually for some youngsters who are on that neurodiversity scale, it might just get a little bit too much. And it’s somewhere for parents, grandparents and those on a family day like this to be part of the raceday but have somewhere cool and calming and suitable just to relax if things perhaps feel a little bit too much.

It means that all families can be part of that and it’s fully inclusive, making racing the opportunity for all families going forward. And of course, these are future racegoers and families too so it’s really important that everyone’s included. Ascot are making sure of that with this permanent sensory room. It’s been an honour to open it today.

Jacqui Greet, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Ascot Racecourse, added: We are thrilled to be opening the Ascot Racecourse Supports Sensory Room which is a really exciting next step for the racecourse. We have worked closely with the Autism in Racing programme delivered by Racing Together to host a temporary sensory unit on certain racedays and this new space will enable us to offer a quiet, calming space for those who need it on the vast majority of our racedays in the future.

This is a huge step forward in our journey to make the racecourse more accessible and we hope it will open up a day out at the races for many more people in the local community and beyond.”

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