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20 March 2024

Racing Foundation’s new Grants Manager, Stan Wong is fast becoming a familiar face across racing’s charity sector. Here he shares his thoughts on the sport’s opportunities to collaborate across its community work. 

I was keen to attend Racing Together Industry Day as relationship building is a key part of being a Grants Manager. Being new to the horseracing industry, it’s incumbent on me to meet and connect with as many stakeholders as I can. Racing Together’s Industry Day was a great networking opportunity. In addition to being a networking event, Industry Day was also a great learning experience. My interest was piqued as soon as I saw the agenda and list of speakers.  

International outlook 

I’m an American national who relocated to the UK in December 2022, after spending almost two decades living in Asia. My career path has always been in the not-for-profit/charity space. I joined the Racing Foundation in November 2023.  

The Foundation was established in 2012 to invest in charitable works that make a difference in the horseracing and thoroughbred breeding industry and contribute towards positive change in four key areas: People, Equine Welfare, Community Engagement, and Environmental Sustainability and Emerging Issues. As Grants Manager, one of my main responsibilities is to oversee the administrative work that takes place throughout a grant lifecycle, which includes reviewing and assessing applications, working with beneficiaries and grant recipients, setting up the grant, disbursing funds and ensuring those funds are put to good use, and following up on reporting and compliance. 

An early take on a new sport 

There are some significant challenges ahead for the racing industry. Business as usual isn’t going to cut it. If the racing industry is going to meet these challenges, it will need to think and work creatively and collaboratively.  

Community Engagement is a key area of focus for the Racing Foundation. Through our grants programme, we support many great initiatives and projects across the country. We also provide bursaries to cover the cost of tickets for small charities to attend conferences like Racing Together Industry Day, for whom cost might be a barrier for attending. 

Community Day an opportunity for all 

On a personal level, one of the best aspects of being a Grants Manager is that community engagement is part and parcel of the work. As I get more settled into the role, and as I learn more about the racing industry, I aim to get more involved in the various community engagement opportunities that take place throughout the country.  

In terms of Community Day on 8th May, the Racing Foundation will use various platforms, including our newsletter and social media channels, to share about the Community Day activities that go on across the industry.

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